The Camp is nestled in between the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, the mangrove
coast and local villages. The centre of the camp is a platform bar /
restaurant with scenic views, serving delicious spicy Giriama food cooked on
two fires in a clean tiled kitchen. In the main season there is a choice of
three to four main-courses and two smaller meals. In low season, it is
advised to pre-book, as it would too expensive keeping fresh stock available
at all times.

Our employees have been chosen from various homesteads in Mida. This
guarantees that more families have a small income, enhances a greater
interest of these families and hence gives the place instant security.


There are three traditional coastal huts to be chosen from:

  • The Zanzibar Hut is the most popular one, because it offers amazing
    views from the first floor seating area over forest and coast.
  • The Giriama Hut is built after Giriama traditions. The bed is located on
    a platform, that in old days would have been used to store maize. The
    furniture for the seating area has been made by town elders in the ‘old
  • The Swahili Hut is the smallest, but definitely offers some comfort
    with it’s four-poster Swahili bed.

All huts have concrete floor, white, clean sheets and mosquito-nets.

We also have two campsites.

  • One offers five small secluded sites, that can be reached along a sandy
    path through bushes.
  • And for over-landers and large groups we have a separate site with an
    extra eight showers and two toilets.

Tents and matresses are available for an extra fee.


A Giriama lady, who grew up and lives in Mombasa: “I only know Giriama
traditions from textbooks, now I had the wonderful opportunity to experience
the real Giriama life.”

My mother: “This is the true paradise. This is what people are looking for. It
is so rare to find a place like this.”

Mr Kafulo, mayor of Malindi and one of our most loyal customers: “This is my
favourite place. It is the only place where shark and elephant can kiss. This
is the only place where I can find real peace.”

A Swiss guy, who lives in the nearest town of Watamu: “You can’t find food
like this anywhere any more.”
Giriama Hut
The Camp and Accommodation
The platform bar/restaurant
Zanzibar Hut
The fireplace
The satelite platform
Communal dining table
View from Zanzibar Hut over forest
Seating area on platform
The Swahili hut
The Giriama hut, inside
The communal dining table
Bar/restaurant at night
Another seating area on platform
A permanent lodger
Interior of Zanzibar hut
Zanzibar hut
The large fireplace
The satellite platform
Platform bar/restaurant
View from Zanzibar hut
The Giriama hut