Boardwalk and Birdhide incl. entry fees (2 hours)       
Ksh 1000 (£7.30) pp
Kirepwe Island Run Away including seafood lunch & cold soda (8 hours)
Ksh 3500 (£25.70) pp
Village Culture and Lifestyle incl. local food & coconut-wine (2 hours)
Ksh 900 (£6.60) pp
Gede Ruins with canoe via the Mangroves incl. entry fees (4-5
Ksh 3000 (£22.00) pp
Little Creatures for Little People incl. a refreshment drink (2 hours)
Ksh  800 (£5.90) pp
Creek Fishing incl. fisherman’s lunch (8 hours)
Ksh 3200 (£23.50) pp
Walk through Mangroves (2 Hours)
Ksh  800 (£5.90) pp
Giriama Drumming and Dancing (1 hour)
Ksh 2500 (£18.40) for up to 10 people;
above: Ksh 250 pp.
Seafood catch of the day with Pilau rice                       Ksh 750 (£5.50)
Calamari with coconut rice                                          Ksh 850 (
Garlic brandished fillet steak and Swahili potatoes        Ksh 800 (£5.90)
Grilled chicken with Banana sauce & coconut rice           Ksh 800 (£5.90)
Vegetarian option                                                      Ksh 550 (£4.00)
All mains are served with a choice of Mchicha or Kachumbari, the local tomato
salad. Fresh fruits are offered for dessert and are included in the price.

Coffee/Tea, homemade bread, eggs & tomato, jam, local sweets, fruit
                                                                       Ksh 300 (£2.20)
Menu Sampler:
Giriama House
Ksh 900 (£6.60) pp/night inc breakfast
Swahili House
Ksh 1100 (£8.00) pp/night inc breakfast
Zanzibar House
Ksh 1400 (£10.30) pp/night inc breakfast
Camping with own tent
Ksh 300 (£2.20) per person
Camping with rented tent
Ksh 600 (£4.40) per person
You can also book a canoe trip by
itself for:
Ksh 500 per person per hour at
a minimum of 2 hours. An
additional tourguide (optional)
costs Ksh 300 per group per
Trips are also available to
guests not staying in the camp.
+254-729 213042
exchange rates from