Mzizima School
working together with Mida Ecocamp

Mzizima Primary/Secondary School hosts 711 children of Mida
Village, the direct area that Mida Ecocamp is responsible for. Hence
it is our greatest concern to help the school as much as possible to
give our children a great foundation for life and a future in which
they will contribute to the development of their country.
  • The name ‘Mzizima’ was chosen by the
    village and is translated from Swahili
  • The school was founded in the year
    2000, after children had to travel 12 km to
    the nearest primary school in Mazangoni
    – an impossible task for most of them.
  • There are 3 nursery years and 8 years
    Primary in Kenya – Mzizima Primary
    School accommodates all 11 years.
  • Mida Secondary School opened
    beginning of 2010 and now hosts the first
    2 years of the 4 years required.
So far Mida Ecocamp has been able to give an extra furnished
classroom to the school, equipped the school with cooking pots to be
able to provide food for the children, we regularly donate pens and
materials and are paying the wages of two extra teachers since April
2010. The government only supplies 7 teachers for the 711 children.

We have also started using volunteers to help with language tuition.

There is so little there and so many needs. The nursery School still
needs two further classrooms with furniture, a physics laboratory is
required for Secondary School as well as electricity and
computers/laptops as computer studies is compulsory in the Secondary

At the moment, the Secondary School cannot even register because
there are no toilets for the students. Primary and nursery have 8 toilets
(4 of these are not finished yet) to be shared by around 670 children.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

For now, Mida Ecocamp will solely support the school, as we believe that
education is the key to Midas future. We would like to thank our lovely
guests and friends of Mida Ecocamp who have supported us in getting
where we are so far.

If you would like to directly help the children of Mida, please go to:
our children.

Thank you very much!
Our classroom for the nursery.
Handing over cooking pots
Pack for a Purpose