Here is somebody, I really take my hat off to: Meet Julie Perry from England. In 2004 she opened a school for
under-privileged children following a holiday in Kenya, where she came across some orphans living under a makeshift
wood and metal roof. She now schools and feeds 193 children (ages 5 to 7), giving them hope, education and a future
role in developing their country!
It is amazing, how much a single person can achieve. She has got her heart with the kids and not in a fat salary. Little to
say, every penny you give (and more) goes straight into the welfare of these children!
David came to visit the camp with his mum and friend. They cancelled their booking with a hotel in the nearest town and
stayed in the camp instead. David is travelling in his adapted car through the world, doing what he is doing best: Taking
pictures. If there was a Vogue for Africa, he would be in it! Click the link to have a look at his fantastic pics.
Julie and some of her children
One of the classrooms
The playground
Charity - Children in need:
Nice pictures of Africa:
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