I am happy to announce that we were able to pay the following schooling fees for the  
children in Mida Secondary School in January 2011:

  • For 10 children from the poorest families, we settled half of their fees.

  • Another 15 children received between 1/3rd to 1/8th of their fees as a contribution.

These contributions were solely paid by guests and friends of Mida Ecocamp, who asked
how they could help. After the great news spread in Mida, that financial support is
available, 16 more children decided to join Secondary School since.
I would like to thank our generous guests and friends in the name of the whole
For more info, also see: Mzizima School
                          Would you like to help the children of Mida?

For families in Mida the fees for Secondary School are crippling and most families cannot afford to send their children for
further education. Yet, children want to go to school - it is a privilege for them if they can.

The fees payable by them are used by the school for teachers, teaching materials and exam fees - meaning you
help a desperate child and the school at the very same time.

I have now started collecting for Term 2, starting in April 2011.

You will receive a receipt and letter from the school and a photo of the ceremony when hand over of the moneys takes place in
front of the teachers, students, Mida Ecocamp elders committee and myself.

The fee structures are as follows:

Secondary School, year 1:                Term 1: 8050 Ksh (Term 1 starts January)
                                                          Term 2: 5050 Ksh (Term 2 starts April)
                                                          Term 3: Free (Term 3 starts September)

Secondary School, year 2:                Term 1: 7050 Ksh
                                                          Term 2: 4050 Ksh
                                                          Term 3: Free

Secondary School, year 3 and 4:      Year 3 will only start in 2012 and year 4 in 2013.

Primary School is government funded.

Nursery costs 1800 Ksh per year. We would also like to help with these costs in future as children who did not attend nursery,  
usually drop out in year one as they can not catch up. Hence 150 children in Mida Village do not go to school at all.
The children of Secondary School, headmaster Mumbah Kirao
(back, right), teacher Ngate (front right) and myself in January 2011.