Mida Ecocamp
Kenya, Mida Creek, close to Watamu and Malindi
Mida Ecocamp is a community project, that has been built by private
donations to assist a small community on the Kenyan coast to help

Every person should have a right to have access to medical help, schooling
and food and this is what the people of Mida Creek are missing right now.

ALL the profit from the camp will be diverted into further community projects
within Mida Creek in sectors as health, schooling and agriculture.

The camp will open a subsidised dispensary, help with families' crippling
schooling-fees and will make sure people can eat a regular more balanced
diet. On top it creates multiple employment opportunities, opens a market for
local farmers and last, but not least it will help to conserve the threatened
environment of Mida Creek, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Away from most places over-run with tourists, we offer a platform
bar/restaurant with scenic views, overlooking the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and
the mangrove coast and an amazing bird-life.

The Giriama food cooked on two fires in a yet very clean tiled kitchen is
delicious and spicy. You can opt for a cold beer or try some of the local mnazi

We have three types of accommodation:
Three traditional built huts, small campsite and a separate campsite for larger
groups and over landers.

There are 7 excursions, that can be undertaken from the camp including
canoe rides to the island opposite.

Another highlight are the Giriama dancers and drummers, that can be booked
for a performance in the camp.

© for pictures: Felicity Fowkes, unless stated otherwise.
The camp from Zanzibar hut balcony
One of the seating areas on platform
The sign at the main-road
A canoe-ride
Responsible Tourism
Satelite platform from swing area
©Sophie Van De Velde
To our visitors: Please do
NOT give sweets, money etc
to the children in Mida. It will
only result in them avoiding
school in order to beg. If you
want to give something, it
would be great if you could
bring pencils, erasers or
rulers that can be given to the
local primary school instead.

In loving memory of our great loyal friend, co-founder and manager:

1978 - 2010

Your extreme happiness, loyalty and enthusiasm to make Mida Ecocamp happen have been
an inspiration.
Bookings: +254 729 213042, E-mail: midacreekecocamp@gmail.com